Implementing Performance Improvement Plan



Do any of these statements sound familiar?
My employee’s performance just will not change no matter what.
Dealing with a problem employee wastes my time.
The employee’s performance is not my problem.
She just needs to accomplish more.
I know that employee is under-performing simply to frustrate me.
Poor performers are a waste of time.
Replacing them is faster and easier.
I do not care if a poor performer is having personal issues. Let him deal with it on his own time.
I do not like the employee.
I do not want her working for me anymore anyway.
If he wasn’t so lazy, he wouldd get the job done.
Of course she knows what is expected of her.
Who is he really hurting anyway? If I ignore him, he will eventually go away.
As soon as I use a PIP, the employee gets angry and blames me. I do not want the hassle


  • Module 1: Conceptualizing Performance Improvement Plan
  • Module 2: Deciding to implement a Performance Improvement Plan
    • Is PIP the best option
    • PIP Decision Tree
  • Module 3: Before Implementing PIP
  • Handling PIP Discussion
    • Handling Employee Reactions
    • Just before PIP(COACHING)
  • Module 4: Implementing PIP
    • Positive or Negative or (-) PIP
    • The Implementer’s Metric
    • The Employee’s Metric
    • Moon Jumping PIP
    • Post-PIP


FEES: ₦ 80,000.00 per head
WHO CAN ATTEND: All who desire continuous and progressive improvement in employee’s productivity
DURATION: 18 hours


  • A drastic positive result
  • A continuous improvement in attitude
  • A consistent positive paradigm
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