We have been teaching about the core principle of Leverage for several years through various means including Open/In-Plant for companies Training, Audio Training Cds, Radio Shows, Conference, Mentoring and Coaching. We have also authored audio CDs like Mechanical Advantage, The Leverage Triangle which included (The Man Ahead, The Man Around, The Man Behind)

“Entrepreneurs Leverage” is another unique means of impacting and positively influencing the entrepreneurship landscape with the wisdom in the Principle of Leverage; and the focus now is directly on different sectors of the economy.

Conceptualization of Entrepreneurship Leverage

E-Commerce Industry, Manufacturing Industry,  IT Industry, Information and communication(New Media/Social Media Inclusive), Textile Apparel and Footwear Industry, Agricultural Industry, Fashion Industry, Whole and Retail Trade, Real Estate industry etc…

Entrepreneurs Leverage focuses on different sectors of the economy. The program can be customized to meet the need of different industries.

E Leverage is designed as a programe with Key Note Speakers consisting of experienced Industry Stakeholders and Panel Discussions

Every programe will provide Leverage for burden entrepreneurs within the industry in focus through Training, Mentoring and Collaborations and Financial Leverage

Entrepreneur’s Leverage will be a program with focus on different sector and the strategic goal is to give young and upcoming entrepreneurs the “Leverage” required to break the limitations they face as they strife towards establishment, sustenance and growth. The Leverage will be in form of Training, Mentoring, Collaboration and or Financial Empowerment

To sight the IT Sector;

As the clarion call for entrepreneurship continues to spread and the opportunities in Information Technology becomes more obvious, young Nigerians would continue to grow in creativity regarding Information Technology by coming up with different innovative products. Unfortunately there is more to running an Information Technology business than coming up with an innovative IT products/Services.

Today, there are countless IT guys around town armed with Laptops, internet, and coding skills trying to build products, unfortunately a lot of them are failing at it because they do not have the necessary apparatus required to run business in this specialized industry.

A couple of what we ensure we do at our Entrepreneurship program is to

  • Establishment of Mentoring and or collaborative relationship between the participants and Mentors who we know are successful the the area in life each willing participant is into.
  • To hold a competition with established criteria that would aid the selection of the winners whom will all be rewarded.

Association, government or any group that is in need of Entrepreneurship program, we are open for discussion to be able to come up with a module that best fit your need.

Contact us: trainings@simeonspivot.com

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