Performance Management


Activities do not equate results as being busy does not signify optimum performance.

Performance Management is the strategic and integrated approach to increasing the effectiveness of organizations by systematically improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors.

Achieving your Strategic Goals requires that the day to day performance of employees, teams and the organization should be effectively and efficiently managed. Furthermore, improving on your last success story requires continuous audit of the operations of your individual staff.
At Simeon’s Pivot, we partner with Human Resources to perfect performance management system. If you embrace this service you will soar in optimal performance and continuous achievement of increasing strategic goals. Our 14 step process to deploying your Performance Management System includes Performance Plan, Performance Appraisal and Performance Development Plan.

Service and Solution: What we can do for you:

  • We will help you determine if your Performance Management system is achieving desired result
  • We will offer training and assisted deployment of a complete Performance Management System uniquely designed to meet your specific Performance Management Goals
  • We will offer unique customized templates for you to continuously work with and perform periodic checks to ensure conformity.
  • We will identify and remove the weak links causing waste and poor performance in your system.

Our excellent Performance Management System will:

  • Establish thorough monitoring and control
  • Help drive improvement
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your performance improvement effort
  • Achieve alignment of skills and work with organizational goals and objectives
  • Inspire a clean reward system and ensure  discipline

Guide the correct reallocation of People and Resources

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