Simeon’s Pivot Resource is a Human Resource and Management Consulting Company with a strict focus on Performance Improvement. We help to bridge performance gaps through Status Revealing Diagnosis and Assessments, Training and Development, Performance Management, Human Resource Consulting and Leverage Solutions. We help solve Organizational Problems, Develop Strategies, Alter Weak Unproductive Processes and Optimize Performance of Employees and Organizations at large.  We will be ready to grant you a free chat at your convenience in regards to how we can collaborate with you to enhance the continuous improvement in the day to day performance of your employees.


visionTo continuously be one of Nigerian’s leading People and Business Development Company



missionTo achieve our Client’s Business Goals through Customized, Affordable yet Potent Solution


Our values SHAPE our paradigm

Service: We find our self in the selfless service of others.
Hardwork: In the pursuit of a purpose such as ours, hardwork becomes a necessity not an option.
Act: We execute every act as though it is our last.
Passion: We are committed from the heart to the mind.
Empathy: By stepping into the shoes of our clients we are able to treat them as we treat ourselves.

We Believe in Making Impact

Greatness lies in Positive Impact and Meaningful Contribution; as such we constantly relate with our clients focusing on impacting positive life changing knowledge and contributing meaningful solutions to their growth and profit need.

We Believe in Infinite Opportunities

Success happens every day appearing from the smiling faces of our clients and the relief from their fears; with no option of being unsuccessful, we strive to ultimately put smile on the faces of our clients and alleviate them from their fears and challenges.

We Believe Nothing is Impossible

Every problem is solvable and every limitation is breakable and so we have made limitations and problems our close ally knowing fully well that problems and limitations incubate unknown strategies for growth only if they are critically questioned.

We Believe in Leverage

We believe in Human Resource Technology as such we do not limit our self to our self, our collaboration spans across diverse industries; thus, we cannot be wrong about the potency of our solutions.

We Believe in You

We believe in you; Without you our expertise will decreasingly decay;
Without your growth and profit need our wits will be underutilized;
It is upon this premise that we base our relationship with you; we know you are our greatest asset.

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