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Our Human Resource Services is divided into two broad parts namely:


Simeon’s Pivot Human Resource Consulting Services incorporate a broad spectrum of HR Solutions that will support the achievement of the  strategic goals of your organization. At the end of it all, we ensure that the performance of your people are optimized.

The goal of this service is to create and run a functional Human Resource Department for you remotely.

By outsourcing your HR functions to us, you can save huge amounts of money and be free of complexities and details that are involved in maintaining an internal HR department. More importantly, you can concentrate on your core competencies saving valuable time and resources.

We can manage your Human Resource through two different options, which includes:

1. HR Function Outsourcing Option: Under Function Outsourcing Option, your staff still belongs to your company, we simply take care of the HR activities.

2. Staff Outsourcing Option: Under the Staff Outsourcing Option, the entire staff is outsourced to us, it means Simeon’s Pivot takes ownership of the staff while they work for you. Depending on the operational need, you can outsource all your staff or specific number of staff. We will manage them to ensure superior performance through our HR Strategies.


Through weekly visit, telephone correspondence, email communication and software, we can expertly manage all the HR activities in the diagram below and more.

Our HRO Services - Simeons Pivot Resources

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