Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

Simeon’s Pivot Resources is a Human Resources and Management Consulting Company with a strict focus on Performance Improvement.

We help to bring about enhanced performance gaps through Status Revealing Diagnosis and Assessments, Training and Development, Performance Management, Human Resource Consulting and Human Resource Technology.  08038299962

TalentBase is an easy-to-use web-based enterprise HR Information System enabling enterprises simplify and organize their HR processes. The platform offers a broad selection of features that automate and streamline key HR processes such as recruiting, payroll processing, performance management, etc

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
    TalentBase has been designed and developed to work seamlessly and intuitively on across desktop, tablet or mobile devices. We don’t believe business software should be be ugly, daunting and difficult to use.
  • Data Security and Reliability
    Data security remains a paramount concern for enterprises looking to adopt cloud-based applications. At TalentBase, we use the most secure and reliable global data center providers to ensure you always have secure and reliable access whenever and wherever you are. We have also implemented multiple security layers to safeguard your data and privacy.
  • Quick Analytics and Business Reports
    The most innovative businesses today make data-driven business decisions. TalentBase provides simple but informative analytics tools to enable you quickly glean and understand important trends in your business.
  • Fanatical Customer Support
    Our success is fundamentally tied to your satisfaction and business success . We proactively engage your enterprise in ensuring you derive the utmost value from TalentBase HRIS.

The Talent Base Proposition For Your Enterprise

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

Recruit the Right Talent

Finding and recruiting quality talent remains a key challenge for employers in Nigeria. TalentBase HRIS enables your enterprise identify and cultivate a pipeline of future hires, and also provides access to a vetted network of HR experts to assist you. It’s your very own recruiting engine, empowering your recruiting efforts.

Improve Productivity in Administering HR Processes

Almost all enterprises deal with various important internal administrative processes, including recruiting, on-boarding, payroll processing etc. However, if done manually or using spreadsheets, these processes are highly inefficient and prone to error. TalentBase offers easy-to-use tools to optimize and expedite these internal processes.

Set Targets. Measure Performance. Track Progress

Who was you best performing employee last quarter? Last year? This month? Setting targets and evaluating performance are crucial in ensuring your workforce is aligned with the company goals and delivers the right results. With TalentBase, you can easily start measuring performance and tracking progress across your enterprise.

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

Staff Records

Lower Business Cost with a Streamlined HR Process

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Set-up custom company departments and locations
  • Add employees and maintain personnel records on each
  • Storage space for uploading and saving employee files
  • Create job roles and descriptions for each employee
  • Create self-service accounts for all employees
  • Role-based permissions for admins and managers
  • View your entire workforce on the Staff Directory
  • Generate an organogram from your staff records


As your workforce grows, and perhaps spreads across several locations, the process of manually on-boarding new employees and maintaining paper-based personnel records becomes an arduous and daunting process. With the use of employee self service accounts on TalentBase, enterprises can significantly reduce time spent on this process.

With auto backups and secure access from desktop, tablet or mobile devices, your enterprise workforce data remains available to you wherever and whenever. The integrated calendar on the platform also sends auto SMS and email reminders for important events such as birthdays, and work anniversaries, ensuring employers and employees stay connected.


Developing Talent as a Competitive Advantage

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Easily define and broadcast job vacancies
  • Add custom questions to the application form
  •  Publish each vacancy to multiple job boards
  • Advanced filtering for sorting through applications
  • Review and shortlist suitable candidates
  • View, download or email selected resumes
  • Schedule interviews and message candidates
  • Bookmark promising candidates for future needs


With TalentBase, small and large enterprises can streamline the process for finding talent for current job openings, and also importantly, plan ahead for future talent needs. This approach allows your organization leverage a simple but effective strategy employed by the best recruiting teams.

We have specifically designed features to tackle key recruiting challenges encountered during the recruiting process, including publishing vacancies, sourcing, candidate management. For enterprises looking to optimize their talent acquisition process, our application ticks all the right boxes.


Simple and Secure Payroll Processing

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Enable or disable relevant statutory deductions
  • Permission-based auditing and approval process
  • Export spreadsheet of payment schedules
  • Run reports and analytics on payroll records
  • Automated tax and benefits calculations
  • Direct deposit into employee bank accounts
  • Auto-generate pay slips for all employees

Payroll remains one of the more technical and challenging operations for growing enterprises. Luckily, our secure payroll application shrinks the margin for human errors and eases you into setting-up a robust compensations structure for all your employees. It’s secure, fast, and very easy to get started. And that’s intentional. We believe in helping you stay focused on growing your business, while leveraging our delightful application in running your internal processes.

Additionally, we are fully plugged into the local HR practitioners’ ecosystem, thereby providing the added value of informing employers of any updates or changes to labor regulations.

Time & Attendance

Optimize Productivity with Effective Time Management

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Collect and manage attendance records
  • Integrated with biometric T&A devices
  • Create multiple shift schedules
  • Schedule and publish employee shifts
  • Identify and resolve scheduling conflicts
  • Auto-attendance reports sent weekly or monthly
  • Integrated with TalentBase Payroll
  • Run reports and analytics on records

Working in tandem with our connected biometric device, this module helps you easily measure and improve workforce productivity. With near real-time access to employee attendance records, you can securely and effectively manage your workforce across one or several locations from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Our holistic approach to helping businesses control labor costs also provides the added benefit of a fully integrated payroll application, which allows for computing compensation from your time and attendance data, thereby ensuring easy and accurate calculations for employees compensation.

Employee Goals

Align Your Workforce with Company Goals

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Set-up workflow for reviewing and approving set goals
  • Create monthly recurring goals or set custom time periods
  • Set rewards to be auto-allocated based on end result
  • Generate reports and access data analytics

Defining effective Key Responsibility Areas, or simply put, goals, can be challenging for employers and business managers.

Effective goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, and Time Bounded), and that’s exactly what the Employee Goals application on TalentBase facilitates. We have built an intuitive and effective tool that addresses the fundamental need of any enterprise workforce to work towards achieving a distinct set of targets. Employers, managers, and employees can now become fully aligned on monitoring progress tied to specific company goals and targets.

Employee Rewards

Driving Your Employee Retention Strategy

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Award points, bonus, or special recognition to employees
  • Auto-allocate rewards based on goals achieved
  • Share rewards and incentive plan with your workforce
  • Instantly purchase and award gift cards to employees
  • Set reward pools for managers to allocate to their units
  • Generate reports and access data anlaytics

Employee retention is an important fulcrum in building a sustainable enterprise. One time-proven element of a successsful employee retention strategy is the implementation of an employee incentives and rewards program. Easier said than done, right? No. With TalentBase, it’s easier done, than said.

The entire TalentBase platform provides a seamless and integrated set of features, which allow employers, and managers easily identify top performing employees, and extend various rewards and benefits to these employees. Communicating and implementing an effective retention strategy amongst your workforce just became a lot simpler, with TalentBase


Measuring Performance and Improving Productivity

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Custom appraisal forms for each role
  • Define custom KPIs and job competencies
  • Adjustable rating scales and weighted scores
  • Custom workflow for each appraisal form
  • Auto-generated score reports on each employee
  • Automated recurring appraisal cycles
  • Set weekly, monthly, or custom appraisal periods
  • Generate reports and access data analytics

The best organizations are adept at measuring and easily understanding the strengths and skill gaps of each employee. This key competency is a significant edge in planning and achieving goals of such organizations. We have developed a performance management system that is truly flexible and easy to implement in any enterprise, large or small.

We have also gone a step further to ensure your data is easy to understand with appealing visual employee scorecards, as well as provide simple analytical tools to highlight actionable data points. Measuring performance, and data-driven feedback. That’s what it’s all about.

Employee Requests

Facilitating Improved Employee Engagement

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

  • Create custom forms for various employee requests
  • Define and request supporting documents where necessary
  • Set approval process on each type of request
  • Receive SMS and email alerts when new requests are sent
  • Instantly process requests and send updates to employees
  • Access historical records on each employee
  • Generate reports and access data analytics

A core value proposition offered by TalentBase is the ease with which employers and managers can engage and communicate with their entire workforce. We understand that engagement and communication should apply both ways, and have built a set of features to enable employees also send through designated channels.

The Employee Request application on TalentBase allows enterprises define rules and instructions for various types of requests from employees, and enables easier processing of these requests sent through the designated channels. By automating this process, TalentBase eliminates inefficiencies and facilitates better engagement in your enterprise


Q: H ow can we get started on TalentBase?

A: Give us a call on +234-8038299962 or email to request a product demo. We’ll respond right away and help you better understand how TalentBase fits into your organization.


Q: We currently use excel or paper records. Can we migrate the existing data?

A: Yes, your data can be migrated into your TalentBase HRIS account via excel uploads. We will work with you to ensure this process is completed without a hitch.

Q: How many employees can be managed on TalentBase?

A: As many as your company has or needs. TalentBase is built on cloud technology infrastructure allowing us to add additional servers or databases to accommodate growth in the number of employee accounts. As such you will not experience any degradation in the application’s performance as you add more employees.

Q: Would my managers and employees have self-service accounts?

A: Yes, the Admin can grant role-based access to all or selected employees which allows them to log-in to selfservice accounts to perform various tasks, e.g. apply for leave, download pay slips, etc.

Q: What kind of training or after-sales support is provided?

A: We provide training as you get started on TalentBase and are always available to answer your questions or receive feedback. Our customer support team is always online and available via a live chat tool. You can also email or call us directly to address any questions you might

Q: How affordable is TalentBase?

A: TalentBase is priced to ensure affordability for small and growing enterprises. Available to your enterprise for a low monthly subscription fee which reduces the total cost of ownership and maintenance, TalentBase HRIS offers significant value for money.

Q: Can I use TalentBase without internet connection?

A: TalentBase is a cloud-based application so you do require internet access to fully utilize the application.

Q: I want to host TalentBase internally. Is this possible?

A: Yes, but only for large enterprises with in-house IT support and infrastructure. Please call us to discuss in more detail.

Q: Can TalentBase integrate with other business software applications? A: Yes, we do have a robust API and are gradually integrating with other external software applications. Do reach out to us if you have any questions on when your specific software application will be fully integrated.

Q: Is my data secure on TalentBase?

A: We have implemented multiple layers of security to ensure your data is secure and protected. Our server and database infrastructure is currently hosted on RackSpace, one of the most reliable and secure data infrastructure providers in the world.

Simeons Pivot Resources HR Technology

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