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John Maxwell Certified Team Member

Simeon’s Pivot Resources

A Human Resource and Management Consulting Company with a focus on Performance Improvement. Our Solutions spans through Human Resource, Processes, Strategies, and Operations.

We work with our clients (both individuals and corporations) to bring about enhanced performance by closing performance gaps through Status Revealing Diagnosis & Assessments, Training and Development, Performance Management, Leverage Solutions™ and Human Resource Consulting and Oursourcing.

We help solve Organizational Problems, Develop Strategies, alter weak unproductive Processes and optimize the performance of your employees and your organization.

Our Trainings

Simeon’s Pivot Resources provides world class training training services in a variety of choice areas. Our training programs are adapted to your organization and aimed at addressing practical issues.

HR Solutions

An organization is only as strong as its workforce-its human resources. Simeon’s Pivot Resources offers a series of solutions to keep your staff and human resource motivated, inspired and positive.

Some of the solutions are

  • Human Resource Outsourcing
  • Human Resource Restructuring

Management Solutions

When all is said and done, all resources have been gathered and the people recruited, there is a need for excellent management. Simeon’s Pivot Resources provides a cutting edge management training and solutions deployment for maximum efficiency.


While Training and other solutions can help your organization obtain incredible results, quality recruitment can multiply the effects of your investments exponentially. We can help ensure that only the best get in.